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Showcase for British Innovation

VRCO has a vision for a flying car with a new form of personal aircraft as the initial phase. It is a showcase for British innovation with advanced lightweight composites enhanced with graphene nanomaterials.

The vertical take-off and landing craft will be capable of carrying four people. It features detection and avoidance technology with safety measures including a ballistic parachute and low altitude crash prevention systems.

Working with leading innovators and key industry partners at the forefront of the UK’s power storage systems, the craft will be fast-charging and have enhanced range.

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Drawing on successes in the UAV space, Michael began the XP4 design in August 2016 and has now moved from design and concept into the build phase.

Full-size build should be completed later this year with operational testing in 2022 and certification beginning in 2023/24.

VRCO’s founders have experience in unmanned aerial vehicles and have identified several novel component solutions to critical engineering challenges.

The concept’s feasibility and power optimization studies were undertaken by the University of Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering.

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Supercar of the skies
Supercar of the skies

Our vision over the next decade is that the shackles of commuting are falling away and it’s an age of AirVolution.

These will be supercars of the skies. They will be luxury and high-performing.


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We are also now taking reservations for the VRCO XP4 so you can be one of the first people to own a flying car.

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