The Future of Flight Simulator

The Future Flight Simulator is the most powerful tool of modern electric aviation, combining hard data with reality and actionable solutions

Simulation of the Future: The Future of Flight Simulator being developed by VRCO & Partners will offer a novel approach to designing & simulating infrastructure required to host human air mobility and aerial cargo operations.

One Platform: The platform provides a truly scalable one single source of truth for the project management framework, the development modules and steps to build out the pro­posals to customers, and then, critically the simulation itself.

Time-efficiency: The consolidation of systems & unifying steps together with an all-devices availability will save time and allow for a more accurate translation to the final result.

All Functions Readiness in 2022

Simulation Image

The London Luton Vertiport Airport Integration Research Study

The hypothetical London Luton case study research was undertaken in summer 2020 to assess the feasibility on at-airport UAM/AAM solutions in regards to use electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

The study used simulation capabilities of VRCO division - The Future of Flight Simulator to encompass some of the biggest challenges, making the facility efficient, in the same time increasing capacity and throughput. High-fidelity graphics used in the simulation allowed to research every detail of the hypothetical facility and assess it function appropriately.

Simulation Image

The Future of Flight Consortium

We are giving expertise, knowledge and strength of the consortium of highly-specialised world-class companies. That is critical for successful planning and deployment, creating the first places in the world with the simulation of UAM integration throughout whole city.


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