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  • Principal/Senior Programmer

    UAM/AAM Infrastructure

    • , , Derby
    • Jul 31,2021 - Aug 31,2021
    • Full Time


    Computer Programmer Job Description Template

    We are looking for a meticulous and technically skilled computer programmer to develop and maintain our organization's systems software and computing infrastructure. The Computer Programmer's duties will include managing systems performance, providing tech support, reviewing and updating existing programs, identifying and fixing defects, supporting data architecture, generating reports, developing in-house software, and mitigating potential risk. Your expertise in the craft of programming will assist our organization in increasing efficiency and service through the construction, maintenance, and streamlining of our computing systems and programs.

    The ideal candidate for this role must possess superior coding skills, excellent communication, high concentration levels, good task management, and superior problem solving and critical thinking skills. Essentially, the outstanding computer programmer must enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of systems, resolve errors, and design programs that are customized to our organization's needs.

    Computer Programmer Responsibilities:

    • Coding and debugging.
    • Designing and testing computer structures.
    • Troubleshooting system errors.
    • Writing computer instructions.
    • Managing database systems.
    • Maintaining operating systems.
    • Editing source-code.
    • Profiling and analyzing algorithms.
    • Implementing build systems.
    • Providing tech support.

    Computer Programmer Requirements:

    • Degree in computer science or computer programming.
    • End user-oriented.
    • Expert IT skills.
    • Strong aptitude for math.
    • Advanced knowledge of operating systems.
    • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Java, C++, SQL, C#, and HTML experience.
    • Aptitude for learning new technology.
    • Deadline driven.
    • Superior communication skills

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VRCO Ltd. - eVTOL and AAM development company


UAM/AAM Infrastructure

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, , Derby

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