Say Hello to the XP-4

Max speed 180 mph

Small Landing footprint

Emergency parachute mechanism

100 Mile range

Unique water landing capability

7x more fuel efficient than helicopter

Time is an irreplaceable asset, and the lifestyle of the UHNWI demands a fast, luxurious and safe form of transportation – often times from private airports to private properties and private yachts. The problem with existing helicopters is not just the high fuel consumption and maintenance costs, yet they are also noisy and dangerous, with a list of safety features missing – in comparison to the XCraft: VRCO is dedicated to deliver a visionary approach to the development of the ultimate future eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft).

Four Person Capacity

Cruise Speed To 160 Knots

60 Mins Flight Endurance

Ability To Drive on Roads

Electric Power

Vertical Take Off and Landing

Computer Assisted Flight

Emergency Parachute System

Eco-friendly, fast, silent, safe and sexy – these are the brand new attributes of the XCraft, which is powered by 4 batteries, has a speed of 160 knts (180 mph), a 100 mile range, a small landing footprint, parachutes and a unique water landing capability.

Instead of 700 € fuel per hour, you spend less than € 100, while flying to the most beautiful places and hidden gems in style. You can trust that this vision of future transport is here to stay.

Tech Specs

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