• World-first partnership between an eVTOL builder and luxury adventure travel company will deliver exclusive travel itineraries to the world’s most beautiful, remote locations
  • VRCO’s all-electric, four-person XP4 aircraft will enhance exploration possibilities of Pelorus’s bespoke adventure trips
  • Pelorus will take delivery of at least four XP4 craft as part of the initial agreement

VRCO, the pioneering luxury eVTOL manufacturer, and exclusive adventure travel innovator, Pelorus, have announced a world-first partnership.

The partnership marks the next logical evolution for Pelorus and its mission to create uniquely memorable, bespoke travel experiences for its HNW and UNHW customers across the globe. The agreement includes an initial supply of at least four of VRCO’s four-person XP4 aircraft.

In what marks the first time an exclusive travel company has ever collaborated with an eVTOL developer, the two firms will work together to create brand new travel experiences and will give Pelorus customers the ability to travel further and explore more deeply. Meanwhile, VRCO’s all-electric XP4 aircraft will enhance Pelorus’s commitment to carbon-responsible travel and its unrivalled capabilities will enable travellers to expand their exploration adventures, from taking off and landing on yachts to flying through mountain and jungle environments.

With the hugely innovative four-person XP4 aircraft undergoing extreme hot and cold weather testing and due for certification in 2024, the construction of new Pelorus travel itineraries and the enhancement of existing experiences will begin immediately and will be available to book shortly.

Pelorus co-founder and CEO, Geordie Mackay-Lewis, said: “We have always prided ourselves on being at the very forefront of innovation within the travel experiences sector, and strive to provide our customers with truly exclusive, boutique experiences, of the kind they would not get from any other travel company. 

“In the past, the ability to transform perspectives with immersive air-bound experiences around the world has been somewhat limited by restrictions that come with the use of helicopters and similar aircraft which are far more cumbersome and disruptive to the natural world. 

“The advent of the eVTOL market and products like the all-electric XP4 is therefore the natural and most logical way for us to expand our offering, and move the needle on sustainable air transport, while the aircraft’s luxury credentials are in perfect harmony with the top-end experiences we offer our clientele. 

“At Pelorus, we have always had a maverick spirit and strong sense of duty to towards stewardship of the planet. Creating this world-first partnership is just another indication of that in action.”

Pelorus specialises in taking its clients’ wildest travel dreams and making them a reality, working with a trusted network of industry leaders across the world and its own team’s proven creativity to generate truly extraordinary itineraries that enable people to see some of the most beautiful, remote and culturally-diverse places on Earth.

The company also has its own Pelorus Yacht Services arm, which can provide customers with expedition yachts with their own submersibles to ultra-luxury motor yachts with onboard spas and underwater lounges. Last month, VRCO announced another world-first partnership with solar catamaran builder, SILENT-YACHTS, and its flagship Silent 120 Explorer yacht.

VRCO began development of its XP4 aircraft design in 2016, with operational testing beginning in 2024 and certification expected shortly afterwards. The craft’s elegant design has been created with safety, security and high performance in mind – the XP4 can reach speeds in excess of 160 knots.

Its innovative design features advanced lightweight composites and detection and avoidance technologies with safety measures including a ballistic parachute and low-altitude crash prevention systems. The hot and cold weather testing being undertaken with the XP4 this year will be crucial to ensure the craft’s suitability for the most extreme travel destinations Pelorus has to offer.

Michael Smith, founder and CEO of VRCO, said: “The XP4 has unmatched capabilities which will allow our private owners to enjoy incomparable experiences. Unlike many eVTOL builders, our focus is not on the mass air taxi market but rather on private ownership by UNHW individuals.

“That is why our partnership with Pelorus is a perfect match, as our target customers are similarly discerning individuals who are looking for truly unparalleled products and experiences.”

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