VRCO has a range of options to cater for all suitable investors covering the following levels:

  1. SEIS & EIS qualifying seed capital of circa £500,000.
  2. EIS qualifying investment of circa £2,500,000.
  3. Series A Investment of £7.5m.

VRCO is currently open to discussions regarding inward investment with accredited and sophisticated investors. The investment will qualify for SEIS and EIS relief which provides a range of benefits for individual investors, such as relief at 30% (for EIS) or 50% (for SEIS) of the cost of the shares, to be set against the individual’s Income Tax liability for the tax year in which the investment was made and 0% capital gains tax on a qualifying exit.

We are also in the process of preparing for our first crowd fund pitch, which we plan to launch shortly, please do register your interest by clicking here.

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